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Welcome to No Man's Sky Discoveries!

No Man's Sky Discoveries is dedicated to documenting all types of interesting discoveries found in the No Man's Sky universe. No Man's Sky is a video game about exploration, survival, fighting, and trading in a virtually infinite and procedurally generated universe. Click here if you wish to learn more about NMS Disco.

For visitors of this wiki

Hello, please visit the Community portal to help find your way around. See NMS Disco News for the latest updates and changes to this wiki.

Add your own discoveries

Joining and adding your own discoveries is as easy as creating an account. After logging in, creating new pages is even easier using the automatically provided forms. Fill out the requested information and the pages will write themselves!

Guides and resources

NMS Disco features the most game-accurate and complete guides available for NMS planetary and creature classification, as well as many other helpful topics.

Compete with other discoveries

Also featured are the Universal Regional and Fauna Records where all discoveries documented on NMS Disco automatically compete for placement in several different categories of interest.

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